Until a few months ago I had 2 internet connections at home - one for work purposes and one for everyone else in the house. With rising speeds on one of the lines, I decided to merge the 2 connections, but retain the separation of networks through VLAN'ing.

Whilst a Linux/BSD box is an option, I wanted something that I couldn't fiddle with too much. I'm ultimately providing a service to my housemates, so it should Just Work(TM).

This meant I was immediately looking at higher end Drayteks, lower end Juniper and Cisco boxes, etc. I ultimately chose the Cisco rv220w because;

I was half expecting to be disappointed - some of the Cisco SOHO devices I've used have frankly been shit. This little device is awesome. It's slow to boot, but you can forgive it that - after all, how often do you reboot your routers? It comes with an awesome web GUI, so should I need to talk someone non-technical through something remotely, I can reasonably easily. It's stable, and it's damn quick. The only issue I've had is that the Xbox is being a little fussy over it - but it's not something that's bothering me enough to look into yet.

I'm yet to use the IPv6 functionality built in yet. I'm still using my Hurricane Electric tunnel on the work VLAN.

My only issues are;

For a small business, small satellite office, or a home that needs a cheap but slightly more advanced appliance than a standard home router, I would highly recommend the Cisco rv220w.