It's suggested out there on the world wide web (so it must be true), that in Britain you are caught on camera anywhere upto 500 times a day. I worry about this. For a guy who works from home a lot, I worry for an inordinate amount of time about this. What if I'm suddenly deemed to be “unusual traffic” and get flagged? Do "they" have the right to monitor what we do every day? I see little proof that it significantly helps to combat crime.

So what's brought all this to the forefront of my mind? Getting caught, face on (whilst sitting in a static queue of traffic), as some leather-clad-biker in the other lane was speeding in a 30mph zone. Granted, this isn't a big issue, but can we trust those who monitor us?

Fear ECHELON. I have little doubt that it exists, in some form. I know for a fact that the constant video speed cameras send their data to a central repository. But does it get intercepted and are our current levels of encryption sufficient for the near future, or even now?

Paranoid yet? Or are you still annoyed about the speed cameras?