Being the good little customer that I am, I tend to try and keep an eye on what upstream are doing. To that end I’ve been keeping an eye on;’s newest business venture. I’m one of the lucky 80 or so that have gotten into the beta, and I’ve got to say, I’m really impressed with what the guys have put together so far.

Basically what they’re providing is a fault tolerant, brilliantly easy to use virtual server infrastructure, based on Linux and Xen. Unlike most other (more traditional) VPS providers you simply don’t buy a VPS and then manage it, you actually buy “nodes” or “slices” (they’re actually refered to as both terms in the web interface at present), which you then assign to various virtual servers in any fashion you want, with the ability to reassign at a later date should things change.

There are a few cool things about the whole setup:

  1. It’s delightfully quick
  2. It’s absolutely fanastically easy to use
  3. You can get console access direct through the web interface, along with all the other bits and bobs that you may need
  4. You have the option for live backups and restores - very nice, very quick considering its all LVM, and makes reverting any stupid changes very easy (such as rm -rf’ing your root partition)

I’d love to see how things fare as the product launches, and it gets busier, but so far I’d be pretty happy to convert my physical server to a virtual instance, should the circumstances arise.