…redirected App data directories, and causes a crash (Visual C++ Runtime error). Unfortunately after updating one or two of our customers at work it appeared that a few user accounts still had a redirected app data directory, presumably because they weren't around when it was removed.

Thankfully fixing it is pretty easy (although potentially time consuming depending on your setup), if the redirection policy isn't active and is simply a case of changing the relevant entry under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders, and then logging off and back on, and migrating the redirected files back into the local profile directory.

As far as I'm aware the affected products are;

If you're not using redirected app data directories any more then this is obviously a handy fix. If for whatever reason you're still using redirected directories and not roaming profiles, then you're screwed as it appears that Adobe aren't planning on fixing this.

Things like this really piss me off and just make me feel like the majority of my work is working around bug, flaws or oversights and is just why I prefer open solutions and platforms; at least I'd have the possibility of trying to fix it in-house.