I've had a few people asking me, via various channels, about my “sudden” change in status on the LFSforum. Rather than deal with it individually again I figured a quick post might help.It's correct that I'm no longer a moderator.It wasn't the result of anything I'd done, or any animosity between myself, any of the other mods, or the LFS devs. Quite the opposite, in fact, and I wish the both the moderation and development team all the luck in the world with LFS.It was the largely the result of the community as a whole, which I no longer felt that I could moderate impartially. I won't go into further details, even if you ask. So please don't.It was also due, in part, to my ever increasing lack of time to post, let alone do consistent and “proper” moderation.

For these reasons I'm taking a break away from the forums, however I intend to return to assist with the programmers forum and various bits of support again at some [undetermined] point in the future.