I've been toying with getting a laptop recently, to supplement the one I have from work. I'd finally settled on getting a Macbook, and was planning on waiting until more was announced about the new, secret-ish, ultra portable product.

However, something else has been playing my mind, and that's the Logitech G25. It's an affordable steering wheel, from Logitech with a half decent H-gate and sequential shifter, 3 pedals, a full 900 degree rotation wheel with 2 paddle shifters, all with hand sitched leather. This is a wheel of dreams for a sim racing enthusiast, of which I have been for some time. It's cheaper. Much, much cheaper than the alternatives which weigh in at several hundred quid, and a far superior spec than the lesser models.

The G25 isn't new, it's been doing the rounds for a few months and I've not heard many horror stories yet (aside from there being a few problems with reverse when the gears are in H-gate mode and some arriving and breaking very quickly). Granted there are probably going to be the usual problems with the Logitech wheels, but considering I've been using a rather knackered generation 1 Saitek R440 Force for the last several years (which I maintain is partially responsible for driving me away from simracing) anything would be an improvement.

Unfortunately I've not had much time to play, what with all my other projects and interests. With the newest patch of Live For Speed coming soon, and the promise of stallable engines, a brand new, real, car based on a BMW single seater, and a host of other improvements, I've decided I'm going to dedicate more time to get back into the seat. Hopefully it will help with the cost of driving in real life as well.

So what this all means is that the laptop project is going to go on the back burner for a month or two, as I've just shelled out for a G25. From Dell of all people. Usually this is the sort of thing I'd order on a next day delivery, however I'm out Tuesday and Wednesday, and Dell were offering a 3-5 day delivery for free and a 15% deduction on it's RRP, it's practically a no-brainer.

Now I've never personally ordered from Dell before, and I've only heard bad things. But, if they can get this wheel to me, on time, without me having to reorder from somewhere else, then I might have to look into their server kit with a bit more gusto.