Given it's all over the forums and it's now the end of day after the release of the episode: “LUGRadio will be finishing after LUGRadio Live UK 2008” (so that's basically 2 remaining episodes, including LRL)!

There are various reasons for this, and if you're not already aware of them I'd suggest listening to S5E21 yourself. To have a hovis moment, I discovered LUGRadio at the start of season 2, which culminated in LRL 2005. I never made that LRL, nor the following 2 UK events due to various reasons, despite my best intentions and plans of going. So here I am, stuck with a dilemma - do I follow my own little personal tradition or should I say “sod it all” and head up to Wolverhampton for the last big bash from the 4 large gents? As the gents would say; answers on a postcard!

If, like me, you're looking to fill the void soon to be left by LUGradio do not despair, for there alternatives (but never replacements) which I shall try over the coming weeks;Linux OutlawsUbuntu UK podcastLinux Action ShowThe Linux Link Tech Show (TLLTS)If I don't make it to LRL 2008 let me take this opportunity to thank the presenters (Jono Bacon, Stuart Langridge, Stephen Parkes, Matthew Revell, Ade Bradshaw, Adam Sweet and Chris Procter) who over the years have given me many laughs and much enjoyment.