I thought I should round this set of blog entries off, as it'll clear up some discussion I've had on various forums about this job prospect.

About 2 weeks ago I got the results from my interviews with Blizzard. I received several phone calls from them whilst I was out and about for my current employer. Eventually I got an email from my contact asking what number was best to get me on and I responded, apologising and detailing my details.

They phoned in due course and they offered me the job. I was unbelievably gobsmacked. I seriously didn't think that I had any chance of even going to see them, let alone being offered the job. I said my thank yous and asked for a few days to think it over.

Unfortunately I then spent the next few evenings out at the cinema, or at the pub, and then the rest of the day asleep (it was the weekend before you panic). It was the first time I'd seen my mates in a few weeks, so whilst it was cool to see them and chat about stuff, it was weighing on my mind a fair bit. My best friend was also out of contact during this time, so couldn't chat to her about stuff. Fortuantely I have a small number of really great friends that I can talk to about this sort of stuff. To those guys and gals I apologise as all I did was talk at you, but I really, really appreciated that as it just let me get my thoughts out.

Eventually I reached my decision and informed Blizzard that I could not accept the position. I couldn't quite believe that I was telling them this for a start. I was giving up the opportunity to play with some really, really cool technology (sorry, I can't really tell you what little I learnt about their setup - please stop asking :P), and I was giving up the opportunity of working with some undeniably cool people that I had met. However, I just wasn't sure about the prospect - the fact I'd be moving to France, a country with different customs and a different language I didn't speak was really daunting, and I personally found the pay to be a little less than expected based on similar roles I've been offered in the UK in the past. Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea it wasn't bad, and money is certainly not the most important thing to me - happiness is - and there were other benefits. However, for the risk of moving to a country that I might not enjoy in my personal time for sometime, I just could not risk it. So based on this decision I declined.

A day or so later they get back in touch with me regarding my decision, and I have another phone conversation with the fantastic HR guy that I'd been dealing with. He took me through their offer, in detail, which I'll admit was a fantastic offer that I've never seen another company offer (it does offset the money thing quite a bit, but that's not something I can go in to), and then asked if I was still sure. I asked if I could have another few days and I would get back to them this Monday. Over the weekend I thought about it all. The geek factor and the prestige of having Blizzard on your CV is undoubtedly unbelievably cool. Sadly my feelings didn't change, so I declined again. I have the belief that if you're really not sure then you shouldn't go for a job in your chosen career, it's just not fair to the employer or yourself.

So there it ends, at least for now. Who knows, maybe things will be massively different in a few years time, and maybe I'll get a similiar opportunity. The whole experience has taught me a few things about myself though. I'm clearly either good in interviews, or technically capable. I hope it's both, but I'd settle for technically capable over good interview skills any day. I'm also perfectly capable of dealing with obstacles in my way in life (see this post for details on the actual in person interview and the “nightmare”), which is something that I'd never be able to have done a few years ago. So, on those grounds, thank you Blizzard.

I'd almost say, that I'm happy in life at the moment. Well, maybe a begrudging indifference at least.

Now, all I need to do is gently nudge a certain maths teacher (Mark Rawlinson) who really introduced me to computers, and Blizzard games, in the first place. He'd really freak out if he knew I'd turned this down! I'd also like to say thank you - for various reasons.