I'm openly paranoid about many things. Probably a secondary reason I'm basically bald at 25.

The future of my profession is one I'm very paranoid about. It's one I love, despite all my moanings, and as the world starts it's seemingly inexorable move back to the mainframe^Wcloud, I fear that as time progresses we'll be in a world where there are few of us outside of large cloud companies.

How much longer is on-premises server hardware still required? In the case of a lot of businesses you can probably get by on the current generation of Google docs, and a few apps from their marketplace. This leaves desktop administration and some simple networking in-house, and not much else really. Experience tells me that's either handled by an outside company, such as the one I work for, or the guy/girl who “knows” stuff about computers.

Lets face it, the world isn't going to loose all on-premises equipment overnight, but as technology from Apple and Google leads the way at home, users are starting to expect (and rightly so) a similar experience. It's because of the disparity that users get disenfrancised with their workplace infrastructure.