I was going to go with “technologically raped”, but that's a bit sensationalist. Granted I'm probably going a bit over the top, but it looks like some researchers from the University of Bath, my home town, were let loose with various bluetooth tools and equipment. The aim of their research was to do some basic modelling and proof of concept work - mapping interactions, using bluetooth.

Astonishingly they captured 10,000 unique devices (supposedly) over 6 months, from various locations. Including “the pub”, which appears unnamed. Now whilst I usually disable my bluetooth when I'm not using it (one, because the battery life on my k800i is slowy going the way of the electron fairies, and two because I don't want stuff like this happening, or my phone being subjected to anything that it shouldn't), it makes me wonder if the people who were being tracked were informed. Granted it's interesting work nonetheless, although the fact that they used a pub strikes me as a good excuse for other activities; "Err… yes we're in the pub. But don't worry, it's all in the name of science!“

However this could serve as a practical wake up call for those who object to lack of privacy but aren't technologically aware.