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Hi, I'm Karl. Online I go by the name of 'the_angry_angel'. By day I'm a sysadmin. By night I tinker with code, play with vulnerabilities, and inevitably play the odd game or two. I'm also an enthusiast Aqueous Thermomancer. Normally for the purposes of making and serving vast quantities of Tea - regardless of whether or not people want it.

Currently I work for a small company providing IT support for Small-Medium Enterprises in the UK, where I attempt to advocate sane, open and standards compliant solutions. Despite this much of my work continues to revolve around Windows based deployments.

My current passions in the workspace include clustered virtualisation, IPv6 deployment, automation and monitoring.

In my personal time I tinker with code for various projects and play the odd game here and there.

additional Still reading? I'm not that interesting. Never disappoint an audience though.