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I guess when a patch of this magnitude gets released for any hosted product, regardless of whether it’s a game or business application, you should really expect disruption. Sadly most users won’t really “get” that. As much planning can go ahead, but with a fundamental change and introduction of new features you can’t really predict just how many of your user base will try to logon at once, and perhaps the financial backing isn’t there to prepare for the worst case scenario.

If you’re confused as to what I’m rambling on about, then I can safely assume you don’t play World of Warcraft. Or if you do then you’ve not tried logging in today.

If you have, then undoubtedly you’ve managed to get the final major patch before Lich King drops on your front door mat, and you’ve also undoubtedly been receiving the “World server is down”. If you managed to get into Stormwind, which is relatively busy at the best of times, then you’ll probably know one of the few reasons why this is occuring. If you weren’t lucky enough, then the following screenshot might help out a bit.

When you do manage to login you’ll probably be a bit confused, especially if you’ve not read the patch notes. You really should skim the patch notes.

Anyway -

I’m know there are loads of other things that I’ve missed, but these are the major things people are whining and asking about in general and trade as of now (only a few hours after the patch was released), and whilst I get few readers who are into WoW, you never know - google might throw them this way.

From a sysadmin point of view I’d absolutely love to see what’s behind the World of Warcraft system, and understand just how it’s architectured. It’s undoubtedly a massive system and on that front I envy the techies behind it. However, I think if I saw the amount of moaning on the forums, my optimism and love for the job would probably be in jeopardy. I certainly know it is when I’ve been working for hours on a customer’s system and they don’t feel like things are being worked at fast enough, and my user base at work is tiny in comparison.