/ BLOG / Windows: SVCHost / Generic Host problems?

Basically there’s been a cock up with Windows / Microsoft Update somewhere along the line, and the SVCHost which runs almost all of the core services craps out. The shell continues to run, so most users are blindly clicking the “yeah whatever” (read: yes/ok/continue/don’t send) button and carrying on, oblivious to what’s actually going on to the machine.

We’ve been getting this at a reasonably steadily increasing rate at work, on a number of customer laptops (and a solitary pair of desktops) since May. It’s now started to affect some non-work friends who don’t do their updates so often. I figured it was time to share with the world how you fix it. Quite easily by applying MS KB927891 (2000 XP, 2003, x86, x64 and ia64), or KB939159 (Vista). Once done, you’re laughing and the user has a “fixed” PC. The only problem is getting the damn hotfix on their PC over the network before the damn SVCHost crashes (like hell should you go on-site for something that simple :P).