/ BLOG / Windows stops me from buying food

That’s right. Windows nearly stopped me from buying my very life sustenance today. I’m in Asda, along with just about everyone else from Bath and Bristol it seemed, and one of the self checkouts was having a big problem. I wander over to take a geeky glance, and what do I see? Windows XP. On an system like a self checkout, its fucking Windows? I’m not even talking embedded, its 100% XP.

Surely thats overkill. It’s not a desktop machine for fucks sake. It’s a waste of computing power to boot up something that “powerful” and then “lock it down” by running a full screen app where us plebs just punch the screen, secondly its proprietory and possibly why my apples have gone up 2 pence, and finally it wasnt upto date in the least. Granted its probably not got an external network connection, and the crackers of the world probably don’t care I’m buying plaice fillets, but you know there are more “critical” local and remote vulnerabilities than certain other OS, and what they might care about are my bank details.

I’m not so fussed that its proprietory to be honest, I just believe that Windows is a poor choice for that platform.

On a different note, I think that Aq (LUGRadio presenter) is right; ‘Lengthy Reagan’ is much cooler ;)