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This very weekend I played with a Wii, for at least several hours and with up to 3 people at times, and I have to say I’m impressed. The system is very, very good at what it does and that is game play. But then most people were expecting that.

I have to say though that the novelty was wearing off a bit by the end of the last “session”. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the device but I’m sceptical as to its life when it comes down to just how many games there aren’t available at the moment. Wii Sports and Rayman are definately the top 2 games for fun - at the moment.

Overall I don’t know what people are bitching about when they mention its not hi-def. When you consider that its standard resolution, and stretches reasonably well on a good display device, its all a bit of a wasted effort. It would probably be less of a waste of effort to moan about the weather.

The controls. Very nice, very fun, but can be easily “tricked” and I did [attempt successfully] to show off and bowl, bat and run by sitting down. There is a real compulsion to actually stand up and move around despite this, especially in boxing, bowling and tennis.

Naturally, you will need lots of space for playing with a Wii. It was a struggle fitting 3 people into a reasonably larger sized living room and having room to maneuver without hitting everyone else in the face/groin/arm. In summer you definately want to get it onto a projector on an outside wall and play in the garden - if you can.

Have Nintendo succeeded? Definately, even the 2 non-gamers in the room were obviously impressed and clearly picked it up pretty quickly. One was even kicking our arses regularly. Do I want one? At the time, yes. Having now travelled back home, after an hour and a half drive, I’m not so sure. Why so? Launch titles. Wii Sports is fun, but is clearly limited in playability, and theres nothing truely else that takes me fancy at the moment; Rayman, also hilariously funny, wears thin pretty quickly. Plus I’m more of a large/massively multiplayer man, and the lack of online play [at the moment] concerns me a little.

Once there’s a lightsabre game, I’m definately having one though!