/ BLOG / Why I love comic books, cartoons and comic-film conversions

There are quite a few simple reasons for this;

  1. It takes me back to my childhood (or the last time I read said comic)
  2. There’s that hero fantasy angle and living through the comic/film
  3. The gadgets
  4. The envitable women (in some story lines)
I’m sure that there are others, but they’re just not springing to mind immediately. Why am I on this tack today? Well that’s easy; another Ironman trailer was launched a few days ago and I’ve just seen it. It. Looks. Awesome.

Around summer last year we saw one of the first teasers for Ironman launched and it looked good then, so it seems that things are well on course. From what I’ve seen first time director (according to IMDB) Jon Favreau is doing a fantastic job.

However, I do hope that it’s a long film, because it looks like they’re craming a fair bit of the Ironman evolution into the film, and there’s Stark’s change of perspective. I love the fact that he’s an arrogant bastard - that’s absolutely fucking spot on - I just hope that they don’t send it too far into the “I’ve now got a conscience” direction.

What with this and the Dark Knight shortly afterwards, its looking to be a really good summer cinema experience!