/ BLOG / Where have I been?

Various things have changed in my personal life, which I’m still trying to accept. By and large this has led me into a bit of a reclusive state, where upon I’ve discovered WoW via Chris. It’s been a long time since I’ve played anything similar (Diablo 2 was probably the last time, and that was a good few years ago). Is it as good as I’d hoped? Perhaps not, with a lot of grind going into it, which I never really felt with EVE: Online (which is still my first true MMORPG love) - I could always go and do something else. The limitation on automated travel in WoW makes this very hard to do. Still I have a few months left so we’ll see.

I’ve had also been working on a few LiveForSpeed related projects; luaLFS, ‘host stats’, and something which I’m yet to disclose. I’m finally taking these up again and a view to finishing them.

I’ve also got a few articles I need to finish drafting for the daily HTF.

Amidst all this I’ve also discovered Jamendo, which if you ignore the fact that a lot of the content is french, or crap, it’s actually a pretty good site with a lot of free content licenced under various CC versions.

All in all, I’m busy. And that doesn’t even approach the shit at work atm. Crazy.