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Like most open source software, lftp doesn’t really come with much documentation; aside from a short tutorial and the man pages. Now if you apply your brain correctly, this usually isn’t a problem. However today my brain appears to be on strike.

By default (on etch) lftp tries to use the FEAT command to assertain what the target FTP server can and cannot do, and then provide authentication details once it’s worked it all out. Now usually this isn’t a problem, however when the target FTP server requires SSL / TLS for all communication it will never reply. Ok, no problem; a quick “set ftp:use-feat no” solves this. Until you exit and try again. Over the course of the next hour this really started to piss me off, as I found the -f switch excutes a script and then quits (which is logical I guess), and the setting wasn’t persistent. Finally I had enough. I checked over the ~/.lftp directory; with no luck. After a swift locate I discovered the wonderful /etc/lftp.conf, appended my various preferences and restarted lftp.

And lo, did the sleep deprived man rejoice.