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I’ve become pretty used to loosing my bookmarks, addons and anything else stored in the browser over the last few years that I’ve pretty much trained myself to assume that whatever computer I’m next using will be blank. For this reason I’ve relied on pinned stuff in Bloglines for several years and my crazy accurate memory. However moving away from Bloglines was pretty problematic for this reason and I’ve started using bookmarked stuff again.

I spied Weave getting the 1.0b1 treatment and figured it would be interesting to try out. Turns out that it’s actually pretty good, once you get everything setup, and even better theres a “server” component that you can run yourself. After all who really trusts the cloud not to go away?

The realy nice feature is that unlike the various other extensions for doing the same thing you can also sync history, tabs, preferences and saved form inputs, if you’re into that sort of thing. The tabs feature seemed interesting, but for me it was just confusing as buggery as I tend to use my laptop and PC for totally different types of web surfing.