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Whilst picking up my pay today, I briefly overheard a conversation on open source and cringed a little. Firstly the technical capabilties required for fully open source deployments, with centralised infrastructure are reasonably high, as are the administration costs from someone who knows what they’re doing.

Secondly, and for the most important reason, that the team involved seemed to view it as a chance to provide something for very little price difference over “traditional” software. Free as in beer, rather than freedom to modify and contribute back. Generally I’ll be found behind getting open source more notice, but is it snobbish to not want it at the expensive of obscenely profiting the "wrong" people?

Bear in mind that this is the team who couldn’t debug a simple corrupted preferences file and proceeded to reinstall the whole application (to no avail), sat on the problem for some time, only to be solved by myself and my esteemed colleague in a little less than 2 minutes (including remote connection times to relevant desktops).