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It’s coming up to that time of year again; bands are touring after the mid-year breaks, as the nights close in - so be prepared to wait out in the cold, sweat your bollocks off and then freeze again (hopefully not repeating my fabled slipknot / slayer fuck up, where by I ended up sleeping rough in newport overnight).

AHC are making a return to this side of the water, bringing two small British bands, Panic Cell and Twin Method with them. AHC were pretty good earlier in the year, which was a shame as they weren’t headlining, but they are now albeit at smaller venues.

For those interesting in seeing some “fucking metal” bands in the UK and Ireland, check out these dates.

I fully intend to be at Cardiff again this season, for AHC, as well as a Muse concert (not so hardcore, but I’ll be with some damn fine mates), so if you’re around, pop by and say hi.