/ BLOG / Too Many Frameworks

I’m the type of person who enjoys choice. Choice is a good thing. I can choose to be, do and use a lot of different things. Unfortunately this clashes with one of my bug bears; the sheer number of frameworks which do the same things. It annoys me, particularly in the open source world, that we have so many competing frameworks and applications. Today its the AJAX framework. Every sodding company, tom, dick and harry, is bringing out a new framework. For fucks sake. Whats worse is when the whole project has been done badly; i.e. its totally un-degradable, and totally against HTML standards.

I implore the community, if you have an idea for a framework, think about it before doing it. It maybe cool and if its what you want to do, to learn, I have no qualms. But if you’re doing it because you think there aren’t any others out there, or you think that you should be recognised as the Web2.0 [wo]man that you are, or that you dont particularly want the Yahoo! / Prototype / [insert library here] copyright notices littering your source, then think again.