/ BLOG / Thunderbird default sort order

My first regular usage of an email client was in the early days of webmail and whatever ran on the RM Network at school originally (which obviously sucked as I cant remember what it was exactly). Unfortunately this has meant that I’ve grown up living with new emails going at the top. Even more unfortunately the Thunderbird packagers/developers clearly come from an earlier age where new emails go at the bottom of the view.

This weekend I had to setup another instance of Thunderbird and the thought of changing them to “the right way” just got on my tits. Luckily I discovered that like most other XUL applications, you can change this by either editing the config file directly or by using the config editor built into Preferences > Advanced, then Config Editor.

In my case the setting I was after was hidden away as mailnews.default_sort_order. The default is 1, which makes it ascending, which makes 2 descending, and 0 as no sort.

If you’re interested in changing the default sort column then the following page entitled nsMsgViewSortType from XULplanet might be of use to you. Despite the fact that many of the pages are labeled as inaccurate this one seems to be OK from a brief test and play.

On a side note, it’s certainly nice to see more on XULplanet than there was the last time I played at XULrunner, and even more interesting to see that it’s now being migrated into the Mozilla Developer Center. I guess it’ll be getting more lovin' there.