/ BLOG / Throttling baby penguins with packet shaping

Bandwidth throttling, or packet shaping, is becoming a more common feature that many ISPs give you, the consumer, for free. This is killing the planet. Bear with me and you’ll see sense.

During UK working hours, and peak times in the evening many will see traffic being shaped (and these periods are being increased). Effectively this means that the only period where any legal and unhindered downloading can occur is between the hours of midnight and 9am. At the company I work for, we all work from home - which means pulling down ISOs and other media from companies like Microsoft, etc. during the day - which we can’t do any more without the line being throttled. During the day this kills us as our VoIP phone system can get stuttery, connections to servers becomes unreliable or you get poor responsiveness.

This now increasingly means that I’m keeping PCs on during the night to get the stuff I need. For our small company multiply this by 3. Now take into account illegal downloads and the population of the UK. Now multiply this across the world.

I’d be willing to bet that the environmental impact of upgrading the infrastructure to the home would be less than that caused by the number of computers eating electricity.

So, ISPs - Stop killing the little baby penguins.