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You’ll probably not read it all, either.

Would people stop saying sorry Normally I don’t like to make things too personal on my websites any more. I value my privacy. That said things have been pretty hectic, stressful and saddening for me the last few weeks, and will continue to be for some time to come. Unfortunately my Dad passed away last Saturday (8th July 2006). Those that know he’d been cured of cancer recently might find it shocking, but unfortunately things just didnt work out and he couldn’t get over the resulting problems from the cancer treatment.

Why am I telling you this? To explain a few things to a lot of people, en mass. Trust me, if I’ve offered to help recently, I’m not ignoring you. To those who have emailed me, and I’ve not yet responded; sorry. If I’m more shitty than usual, I apologise. If you wanted to meet up the last few weeks; sorry I’ve not been able to make it. Those to whom I was looking forwarding to meeting at LUGRadio Live (9 days to go); I can’t make it now. I do expect extensive video and photographical evidence of drunken antics though :P

One final thing, I know people mean well, but I really wish they’d stop saying sorry. Unless you single-handedly invented cancer, or had some underhanded part in recent events, stop it :P

LUGRadio Antics On a slightly more cheerful note, Jono Bacon is planning to shave off his beloved beard at LRL'06 for charity, on air, on video. Should be worth seeing, especially in exchange for a few of your local lower denomination currency.

Read the fucking manual It’s amazing how reliant you can be on Google for documentation. Especially for open source projects and products. LUA “recently” changed their API with the release of 5.1 (I say recently, it was 21st February 2006).

Having done some googling, deciding embedding SpiderMonkey was too much work, and that python was over kill, I settled on embedding LUA in one of my test projects. I’ll hereby and unequivicably state that you should ignore any and all example source on the internet; it’s all out of date. I will advise you to look very carefully at the LUA documentation, in particular the C API, and auxiliary library under the index. It’ll make your life much easier, especially at 11pm at night (hopefully you wont waste 45 precious sleep-deprived minutes like I did).