/ BLOG / The tale of the proprietory browser

Its been one of those evenings / mornings. I’ve been trying to make up a quick test application for my works phone - which is an iMate Jamin. Now it runs Windows Mobile 5.0, and creating any application for this is generally easier using Visual Studio considering it comes with Emulators and so forth.

So I set about installing it. Unfortunately I had IE7 installed as well. If you try and create any “Smart Device” project within Visual Studio 2005, you get run time errors, or it just doesn’t work. I’ve spent at least an hour, combined, trying to work this out. Eventually something Chris said about IE7 screwing up some HP printer drivers made me wonder. After 20 seconds of googling, it looks like IE7 doesn’t play nicely with Visual Studio. But there is a fix!

  1. Close VS, and open the Registry Editor (regedt32)
  2. Find the following registry entry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\PreApproved
  3. Add a new entry and name it: {D245F352-3F45-4516-B1E6-04608DA126CC}
  4. Close RegEdit

I’m starting to wonder its worth all the effort.