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The day of Bacon: Pointless blog ramblings strike back.

Yesterday it was the “National Day of Slayer”. Turns out I ended up listening to Seraphidian and American Head Charge more often than Slayer, in some strange twist of the evil known as shuffle. No great loss though, because they are pretty good bands.

Anyway, the night passes I log on this morning for work. Aside from checking digg, /., et cetera, one of the first things I decided to do was hit my recent downloads directory, where I saw The Lake, by Jono Bacon. I’ve got to say I absolutely love this track and I’ve found it to be brilliant code hacking music; its by far been my best session of code twiddling for months. Theres something about the plodding drums in the background, combined with the lyrics and an excellent riff about ¾ of the way through, that just gets my mind focused.