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So I’m coming up to having the Bora for about 5 days now. All I can say is that it’s an awesome car; I still get that same feeling as the first time I drove it. It’s a car you get into and have a big grin on your face. It is front wheel driven, so it will understeer if you push it, until you get to that magic number on engine speed and the 1.9 diesel engine starts torque-pulling it into the corner. The highline model doesn’t benefit from sport suspension by default, but I’m not sure its actually essential, unless you intend to be racing on narrow streets (which I sincerely hope no one does).

0-60 time is easily within 10 seconds and once upto speed the engine will happily cruise and acheive a decent average 60+MPG at 70MPH. Even if you do accelerate sharply to the speed limit on the regular roads you can still get a very respectable 43MPG average. I imagine that if you really are very careful in your acceleration you could nurse that upto the claimed 51MPG. Of course you’d probably piss off everyone else on the roads. If you’ve never driven in a car with 6 gears, its certainly something that takes some getting used to, but is an absolute godsend on the motorway.

In terms of storage I’m yet to fill the boot, which is pretty spacious, but has a fairly high lip to it. I guess this is something you should expect with any saloon at the end of the day. In the interior you get plenty of cubby holes to put stuff, although the glove box is irritatingly shaped and pretty useless in my opinion. Unfortunately the number 1 cubby hole is above the gamma headunit, where a CD player will soon be residing and although its sodding perfectly placed, everything falls out, onto the gear stick and centre console, if you need to pull away sharply to get out of that turning, which renders it useless. The gamma headunit and associated sound system is pretty good, but there’s something I just can’t quite place my finger on which doesn’t sound correct. It seems like the treble is a little overpowering when it shouldn’t be on some songs, where as on others it’s fine. Something for me to work on perhaps.

As with all Volkwagens it’s well built and very solid, with a decent alarm system and remote locking. The usual unlocking tricks include automatically opening and closing windows with the keys, etc. Perfect for those summer days, until the aircon kicks in.

Shame it’s been raining really!