/ BLOG / Telephone interview with Blizzard

I’ve literally just finished a telephone interview with Blizzard, for a (junior) Linux sysadmin position. Having never had a telephone interview before I was more apprehensive, and a hell of a lot more nervous than I’ve ever been over a job interview in the past, of course some of that maybe due to the fact that it was fucking Blizzard!

It started off with questions about what I knew about Blizzard, and so forth. Upon asking whether I’d played any games I mentioned the first games Blizzard games that I’ve gotten into - Diablo, Diablo 2, Starcraft, etc. and of course the recent addiction in my life, World of Warcraft. Mentioning this I got a few questions about my level, what my account name was, followed by the comment “we don’t want to employ gold farmers, obviously!”. My thought was “bugger me, they don’t half take it seriously!”, but I suppose that’s only natural really.

This was followed by a set of brief, and quite simple, technical questions. Such as what’s DNS, SMTP, what’s a MAC / IP address and subnet, what’s NFS, Apache configuration, etc. Having never supported Linux (professionally - hence the junior role) I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it could’ve been. I do fear that I said “um” far too much through nerves and a little too much blabbing, but it’s over now, so there’s not much I can do about fixing that.

In short it looks pretty exciting, although there are a few problems in my way - it was only a telephone interview, if they’re interested (which the interviewer certainly seemed in indicate) I’ll have to travel for an interview in person, my passport has expired (why didn’t I notice this!?), and the job is in France (although they will assist in moving, and the major language of the office is English [apparently]). I’d be locked into supporting Linux systems, by the sound of it, where as with my current job I’ve got the potential for a larger range deployments and roles. On a smaller scale though. On the other hand. It’s fucking Blizzard, man. I might never get the opportunity like this again…

So here I am, waiting to see whether they’re still interested.