/ BLOG / Telephone interview with Blizzard: II, and postal strikes

So I got a second phone interview from one of the technical guys at Blizzard, and I got a chance to ask a few questions about what I’d be dealing with, what my responsibilities would be and so on. Long and short of it is that I’ve been asked to go to France to see them in-person. Fantastic.

Unfortunately the whole problem (photo trouble, apparently) with the passport has only been compounded by the fucking postal strike. I’m sorry, but most employees don’t stop fucking working because they want a payrise for doing their job. Ok, so maybe they aren’t being paid enough, but because this country is ridiculously backwards, from time to time, and we rely on an un-fucking-reliable public service I might miss out. I’m sorry, but the lack of redundancy here worries me.

Tomorrow I’m going to phone the UKPA (UK Passport Agency) and see if I can get a passport renewal in-person at the Newport passport office. Surely it won’t take as long as waiting for the pissing postal service to get off their big arses. Honestly, if I tried this I’d be fired. What’s bloodly different? There are plenty of unemployed and I’m sure that the possible lack of a job might encourage some to come back to work.