/ BLOG / Taking the piss, user-style

There must be a club, or something, for some users who love to just take the piss. Across various companies we support, theres literally hundreds of iTunes directories. Since we don’t actually get employed for the companies, we can’t just go in and trample on said directories (invasion of privacy, etc.). Today one company gave us the go-ahead to sort out their data. Awesome, and possibly a little silly too. We’ve moved about 8GB of iTunes data, between about 3 or 4 people. One such user is 4GB of this in total.

Now I know some will cry ignorance, but the main offender has been spoken to about this before. She’s pretty much taking the piss now; this is the 3rd time and previously I believe she was taking up at least 10GB herself. If only it was my place to say something…I miss the days where verbal smack-downs could be delivered without fear of being sacked. It was like instagib-ing mentally.