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Ok so I’m quite late to the game on this one. In order to maximize my enjoyment of the film I’d gone out of my way of consuming anything about this film other than the trailers, and from these I wasn’t holding out much hope; It seemed to be more action than Trek. Having come from a Trekkie family and being a Trekkie I must say that I wasn’t disappointed, much to my surprise.

If you’ve not seen the film, then now is the time to stop reading as I might spoil a few things (I’m trying hard not to). But still; Go and see it and then come back.

The writers clearly knew what they were doing. In a single piece of epic comic-book-esque retconning they managed to breathe new life into the Trek franchise. One of the few things I’d heard about the film was the time travel. I had a few issues with that - it was badly done in Enterprise’s Temporal Wars, and badly done in earlier series - effectively ending with a Dalas style “it was all a dream” (yes I’m looking at you Voyager writers especially). I’ll conceed that there are a few issues, like all the characters we know and love just who happen to be on the Enterprise by the end of the film. However, it provided a fantastic platform that can now sustain the franchise for quite some time.

If you’re a hardcore TNG fan then I can see the new Trek film being a bit of a let down (in terms of the apparent lack of meaningless over-the-top and unneccessary pseudo-technical babble), but I do feel that it was the right way to go. It was an exciting film and I didnt get bored or feel like it should hurry up and finish. If you’ve ever watched the original series then you’ll have seen the nods. The characters were spot on in a lot of cases, which is precisely why it all worked. If you’re going to alter the timeline, then alter as little else as possible so that it’s less of a jarring experience. Karl Urban plays a brilliant Bones, which beside Zachary Quinto’s Spock (which was equally as good) I feel may become, sadly, underrated. I think I’ll reserve judgement for Simon Pegg’s Scotty until the character progresses further.

All in all, I hope there’s another film. I can’t see the updated universe working on the small screen - yet. If you’ve still not seen it then I hope you do before it leaves the big screen. It’s definitely worth it.