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After a few hours of sniffing the local wireless traffic I find it somewhat depressing that the majority of the traffic is orientated around MSN messenger and MySpace. I also find it somewhat depressing that people still run wireless without any “real” protection. Whilst WEP is crackable within minutes on a respectable PDA these days, it’s better than nothing. It at least stops someone, such as myself, simply placing their wireless device in monitor mode and sitting in range of the network.

Why am I doing this? One, because I’m bored. Two, because I’m interested in the demographic of the area, and three because I’m considering the protection to implement on my home network when I redeploy it and I’m testing some theories.

Whilst allowing an access point with open access, firewalling it from the internal network and then only allowing VPN in to the internal network is an “industry standard”, it does seem somewhat overkill.. Fun though!