/ BLOG / Social Christmas?

Generally I’m not particularly brilliant with social situations; I generally perfer to be alone, or with the computer and the internet, working on various little bits of code and so forth, or sat down with a good book or article. There are a few exceptions to this, but I won’t go into it. For this reason, I often find Christmas somewhat stressful, I feel inadequate as I am unable to really get into the swing of things, and I worry that I bring everyone elses Christmas down.

Reading Nick’s words, however, has made me realise that I really shouldn’t worry about it so much. After all it is my Christmas as well. If I want to spend at least a brief part of the morning on IRC, catching up with a few articles, and flicking through a few misc. websites, then why should other people want to persuade me that its “sad” or wrong to do so? Surely the day is for enjoyment?