/ BLOG / So I don't know what I'm doing...

Overall, most professional geeks and nerds I know don’t have a problem saying that they can’t do something, or don’t know how to do something. I’ll freely admit I know sod all about a lot of things; accountancy, multimedia creation, blender, the really clever art work you can do in the gimp or photoshop, playing the guitar, dancing. You get the picture.

If its not my job I’ll give it a quick look over, if I think I can work out what I’m supposed to do I’ll try. If I fail, I ask for help. “Users” and people in a lot of other professions seem to be different. They’ll have a go at suggesting whats wrong - usually I don’t mind. Occasionally they’ll even get something right; but what really pisses me off is when a user uses that condescending tone with the word “obviously”. It creates a level of untrust, and….well I don’t want to use the word hatred…but I will anyway, hatred which shouldn’t exist between IT staff and IT users.

Today such a situation arose; at work we give all users local administrator rights on their machines - this allows them to get on with their job and do whatever it is that they are paid to do (probably browse news.bbc.co.uk and play with their iPod by the look of some home directories). Unfortunately this can often present a problem which needs fixing - but in the long term its still usually best to carry on this policy, attempt to educate and repeat. In a few cases, however, this doesn’t work and a cluebat is required, followed briefly by bog standard user rights. Surprisingly this makes me happy, and I think I’m supposed to understand that it’s sadistic. I just don’t.