/ BLOG / SBS 2008 Shared & RedirectedFolders paths

By default Windows SBS 2008 has 2 shares setup - RedirectedFolders and UserShares, along with the various bits and bobs in the group policy to get it to work. Sadly they’ve placed the actual directories in the root of C:. I don’t like that. I’m fussy about file placement and it would be nice to move it to where we usually have the files (and have done since SBS 2000); D:\Data..., which brings things into line with our standard setup that we tend to use at work.

Now you can just simply de-share the original directories, and move them to whereever you want. However this has the downside of causing issues (recreating the folders) if you create user accounts with the SBS 2008 console (since it also creates the various redirected folders for the user, and I know that several of our customers will be using this console).

Luckily there is provision to move these folders to another location. If you use the console you’ll see that you can simply move it from drive to drive. However, if you delve into the registry you can see that 2 magic keys get created, which if you manually alter allows you to effectively place the directories where ever you like.

If you browse to


You’ll find that the following entries will either exist, or need to be created -


RootPath specifies the location for the user shared and redirected folders, where as the ShareName specify the actual name of the shares themselves. Handy.