/ BLOG / Saving the earth using WOL, one SBS deployment at a time

For those who aren’t familiar with WOL, or Wake On LAN to give it the full name, its a process for waking a machine over the network (i.e. remotely) from a low power, or from a switched off, state provided that there is power to the network card (and that the machine supports it - which most modern ones do).

Unfortunately Wake On LAN is often one of those forgotten technologies in SMEs these days, and probably quite rightly so as it can be a little tricky for some users to grasp, and it can be a lot of work to setup in larger networks; often relying on custom interfaces and additional web pages for users to visit etc.

However, there is now a cool addon available for Windows Small Business Server Remote Web Workplace which adds a simple "Send Wake On Lan" button for the web interface. Granted this still doesn’t address the issue of having to configure the target machines for Wake on LAN (typically via the BIOS), but its a big step for end users in my opinion.

Now I’m sure most people will already get this, but for the googlers of the world what this means is that now you can be greener in your office and also lower your electric bill. Not to mention freak out your users or employees!