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I’ve been watching, and eagerly awaiting, each episode of Sanctuary. Now that webisode 3 has been released, I’m really starting to get a feel what what the series is going to be like.

It’s a world of demons, monsters and mutations, set in a quasi-gothic city only a few years into the future, or perhaps a slightly twisted version of current reality. Both webisode 1 and 2 started off a bit slowly, but I don’t think that was avoidable, as the characters end concept needed to be introduced. Unfortunately even the least astute viewer will realise that its predominately filmed in front of a green screen - which is a shame sometimes. It does have that slightly lower budget feel, and isn’t anywhere near as polished as Firefly (in my humble opinion). It’s still better than a lot of higher budget stuff though (coughAndromedacough).

The acting is pretty good, and should be considering it stars Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG1/Atlantis), and a number of other up and coming, and well known, SciFi stars.

It costs about a £1 for each episode, and clocks in at about 20 minutes long on average (which I honestly think is pretty good value and it’s well worth donating to this cause, as it’s not network backed at all - so lay off the pirating, unless you’re using it as an extended trailer).

Trailer available here.