/ BLOG / Relying on Bloglines much?

This lunch time I’ve had a bit of a thought about just how much I use Bloglines (beta). In the mornings it’s one of the first tabs opened, and it’s almost always loaded when I close the browser. For that I can thank chip in particular. And it’s a good thing. I think. It’s certainly made my life easier and better.

However, if I went back just 2 years ago the whole concept of a feed reader sort of repulsed me - I liked the idea of visiting a site to get the news and bits and bobs that I want, and I almost felt like I should go to the site so that the various writers and owners got a meagre bit of cash from advertising. Whilst I still do that for a small number of sites, in particular Penny Arcade, XKCD and Questionable Content, digg and BBC News, for everything else I now rely on Bloglines.

Not only do I use it to read and keep up to date on what’s going on, but also as a way of making and taking mental notes without having to write anything. It’s like a wiki, but better, and because of this I rarely update my own personal techy wiki with anything at all. More often than not someone will write about something that I find interesting or want to do, or will be doing shortly. It’s brilliant and also somewhat scary sometimes just how many people are on the same sort of page as me in terms of work and personal stuff - which for me very much overlap.

However, the bit that scares me the most is I think that I’m now at the point where if Bloglines goes away that I’ll have problems. Ok, I could export all of my feeds out and into whatever I want using the various OPML ex/importers. But these don’t export the stuff that I’ve got pinned or saved, and these are the bits that now make my own little world go around.