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Hoho, aren’t I the clever one. How original. etc.

Yes, that’s right, despite having my reservations I’ve actually got a Wii and good lord am I knackered after a few hours of Wii Sports. I’ve played at Chris' plenty of times but never for a really long time - it’s certainly quite a work out.

I have been battling with one annoyance - it seemed to “forget” how to connect to my WiFi and then not work until I removed the connection and started again. For various reasons I run DD-WRT v23 SP2 on a WRT54G v2, running wireless in WPA2, AES+TKIP for legacy hardware and newer hardware, but the Wii would still forget in each mode, regardless of whether I set it manually. In AES or TKIP mode only, the same occured. The 4th time I readded the connection I was determined to solve it.

After much fiddling it seems that it only remains stable if I use channel 11 or above for the frequency, regardless of security. So there you go lazy web. Cash/gifts on a postcard to the usual address. Now if only I could find somewhere, open after 17:30, with Wii Nunchucks :(