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This weekend was a bit different than usual, as various members of #php from netgamers met in Hammersmith. For me it a great experience as I met many of the guys I have known for a long, long time, and have great respect for.

Left Bath approximately 10am and traveled down in the car to Hammersmith, which aside from having to slow to 50 twice for the SPECS average speed cameras, was actually quite enjoyable. Unfortunately having had the aircon on almost exclusively since I joined the motorway meant that as soon as I got out of the car I was really feeling the heat.

Anyway, we all met up around Hammersmith station and exchanged uncomfortable looks and greetings, despite knowing each other quite well (I’d say). Eventually we ended up going to a lovely pub to get some food and booze, where we met SIR-Millar’s charming lady whom I believe writes some of the most entertaining and informative blog articles on the planet. Afterwards we ended up doing various things and coming to a pretty hilarious session of Werewolf.

Unfortunately by this time I have to leave, so saying my goodbyes and departing (via SIR-Millar’s office - poor bastard was on call :-( sadly) I set off home. The drive back was quicker, if you discount the stops for coffee and I got home about 23:30-00:15.

All in all, a good day and it’ll be cool to do it next time. Perhaps with laser-quest or something though ;-)

(Un)Luckily there was only 1 picture taken, as some of us had left cameras at (home|in the car); Unfortunately Newbie^ wasn’t in the picture, as he was taking it..