/ BLOG / #PHP: It's official, we're crap at cooking...

..and gardening, apparently.

<DMZ> at least there's no parsley involved * the_angry_angel isnt a fan of parsley either <DMZ> it's the celophane wrapper of herbs <DMZ> completely pointless and put there to confuse and annoy
<DMZ> got a fair few in the garden, if I ever need mint, rosemary, chives, erm some other ones I can't remember, I'm sorted <DMZ> except basil. the slugs ate that <DMZ> in one night flat <the_angry_angel> at least you can grow stuff like that <DMZ> huge quantities of nice green basil one day <DMZ> pointy green sticks the following morning <the_angry_angel> if I even think about growing plants, things just start dying <DMZ> oh, I'm crap at gardening too

Just don’t ask about the PHP ;) Hopefully this small bit of extremely helpful information will help you in your day.. or not.