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Imagine you bought something.
  • You rely on it with your business, with your very livelihood. Sometimes even with your life.
  • There is no warranty whatsoever on what you bought.
  • And you don’t know what’s inside the box.
  • Also, you cannot look inside the box, in fact, it is illegal.
  • You might not have have heard about the seller before and you have no particular reason to trust him.
Are you totally and irreversibly mad? How can you do it?! If you are not mad, aren’t you criminally negligent? Or just very, very, very stupid. However, we all are. We all bought software at least once in our lives …

Anton Chuvakin makes an interesting point, and generally I agree with him - unfortunately it’s also true for a lot of other products out there, from food to clothes. We might beable to infer what’s not in the product - but that doesn’t always imply that we know the opposite.

Traditionally developed, or closed source, software has it’s place in the software landscape, just as much as openly developed software and we have no right to tell someone else that they’re developing in the “wrong” way just because “we” don’t agree with them.

Sadly it’s posts like this, whilst perfectly written, that occasionally give outsiders to the open-source community the wrong idea for the very reason I’ve outlined above.