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I seem to be in a Tool-esque mood at the moment, and I specifically found myself on the Lateralus album by Tool. Whilst listening to the track of the same name I found myself tapping a pattern that I seemed to recognise, but I just couldn’t place my finger on it. After moving to the computer to listen to it, and replaying it several times I decided to do a bit of research - call it a dense moment.

After a “quick” bit of searching around you might come across this blog entry from Patrick Flannigan that points out the Fibonacci sequence (which ties in rather nicely with the lyrics). There’s also a rather nicely composed YouTube submission that iterates through the sequence as the song progresses. Wikipedia also appears to have an entry on it, so it must be true!

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but it seems you really can claim Tool to be “intelligent” rock. Plus I guess the math that my teachers tried to bestow on me actually had a bit of an effect. How cool is that?