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Again this morning I was playing with the fresh install of Etch on my work laptop, and came across an old gotcha with Gnome, which I had totally forgotten about. For some reason editing the menus would be ridiculously hard for a complete novice user. Now whether this is because they don’t want a user editing menus, or it was an oversight, I don’t know. But come on. It’s a universal desire to want to rearrange menus. It’s pretty simple in Fluxbox, as its all pretty simple file and directory structures, and pretty simple in KDE, but with Gnome you need to have a desire to dedicate significant amounts of time to understanding the weird layout. Thankfully I know about alacarte (previously smeg), which is a replacement / alternative for the Gnome menu editor. It just makes me wonder though, what sort of crack they were on when this decision was made.