/ BLOG / Never put a sock in a toaster

Probably best not to ask on that one.

I’ve also discovered putting beans into an omelette isn’t a good idea. It’s structurally unsafe for the omelette, and you just end up with a pan full of egg and odd looking things that you hope probably were beans.

Other than that, and sorting out my entire data partition, I’ve managed to basically do fuck all tonight. And I’m somewhat proud of myself.

Lunch consisted of trying to peel a boiled egg in less than 10 seconds. Yes it’s possible!

  1. Wait for it to cool slightly, so the egg contracts and is able to be held without burning the operator
  2. Remove a small section of egg shell at the “north and south pole” / “the pointy end and the diametrically opposite end”, by tapping and peeling
  3. Place the pointy end / north pole against lips
  4. Blow. Hard and fast. Be prepared to catch the egg as it comes out the otherside
Cool party trick, right up there with the “is the circumference or the height of the glass longer in length?”. Unfortunately no one else is going to want to eat the egg you just unpeeled.

With a bit more arsing around, not looking at the ToDo list for a few days, and potentially finding a bodymod artist for some work I want done, I might actually get a decent nights sleep..