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For ubiquitous reasons, I’ve been considering doing a fairly substantial project in PHP for general release. As an effort to produce some “nice” code, I’ve been investigating pre-existing MVC frameworks in order to “save time” and “effort”.

When it comes down to PHP5, there’s basically 2 reasonable ones available:

Now I have issues with both, and the long and short of it is that I’d love to cherry pick the best bits from both, but I don’t really have that sort of timescale.

Therefore, it’s a question of who do I trust more? Zend, the people behind PHP (urgh: I won’t go down that route in this entry) with a framework that does a lot of what I want, but isn’t mature (and as such is constantly changing), has a number of features I’d like to use in Incubation, and has questionable documentation? Or pMachines (Code Igniter); the library with the pMachines license, but with a mature API which would need more effort to bring upto the level I want it?

Having played briefly, I actually prefer the Zend Framework so far, but I’m starting to wonder if I’ve mentally talked myself into that rather dark hole with the time limit in mind.