/ BLOG / LigHTTPD: Undecided

I’ve been using Apache longer and across more platforms, than almost any other single item of software. However, as I’m going through the process of moving server provider I thought that I’d give LigHTTPD (lighty) a go. After all it’s an interesting bit of code that’s gaining some use.

The main problem was, unsurprisingly, letting go of my Apache-isms. The configuration styles are radically different, and whilst I do like the LigHTTPD style something about it seems a bit… well messy. I expect the lighty hordes to blast me now, and I suppose thats sort of what I deserve. After all on initial inspection the lighty config is much shorter and arguably much more concise.

Or is it? Given the scripted-like nature of it’s config you can acheive the same configuration in a number of different ways, some which appear (I’ve no solid numbers at all to back this up, it’s all down to my perception for now) to have better performance than others.

I’ll carry on with lighty for now on my personal server, and delve into how it all fits together. But after spending an evening with it, I’m not exactly sure that we’ve clicked.