/ BLOG / Iron Man and why cinemas suck

First off let me say that I’ve tried not to give too much away, but I fear that I may’ve. If you’re still to see Iron Man, then I’d recommend not reading this post after the 3rd paragraph.

So, I finally got the opportunity to see Iron Man last night. Myself and Tom headed to see it at the 20:30 showing in Longwell Green Bristol. The Vue cinema there tends to be a little less crowded, easier to park at and nice seats than the Odeon in Bath. We got there, a little later than I had hoped (which was entirely my fault), and ended up at seats near the front. This wasn’t too bad though as my neck wasn’t completely knackered by the end of the showing.

So the movie started, eventually, and a few minutes in it stopped. Lights up, adverts on. Now I appreciate that everyone can have technical problems, but over the last few times I’ve been to the cinema something like this has happened. In my opinion this is exactly why digital distribution is going to have to lead the way. The other issue is of course the age old desire of wanting to pause the film to drain the python. About half way through I really, really needed the loo and didn’t want to leave. At the end of the film there was a horrendous queue and I just didn’t want to wait, so we went home. The Vue employee was giving out tickets to see Iron Man again for free, but I decided not to take one and barged my way through. The thing that most annoyed me was the simple fact that I had to barge my way through. There was no provision for those of us who wanted to bypass this ridiculous offer of appeasement. Even funnier was the fact that the british public clearly didn’t know what they were queuing for.

This kind of ruined the cinema experience for me, and thus I felt it had slightly diminished the film. Now don’t get me wrong, Iron Man is an awesome film. It is undoubtedly the best comic conversion I’ve seen to date, which clearly demonstrates that having Marvel directly behind it is a good thing. The film is funny, entertaining and I wasn’t wishing that it would hurry up at any point. I’ve only read a few of the Iron Man comics in the past, but I do remember the cartoon from my youth which I felt was good fun, although a little wet. In comparison to this I found that the Stark from the film was much more real and his change of character portrayed perfectly by Robert Downey Jr. I think Gwyneth made a perfect (not to mention “hwat”) Ms Potts. My only concern with the film was that I felt parts of it were cut a little short and maybe could’ve been expanded on a little. The film is clearly setting the scene for a sequel (if this wasn’t the case then possibly they’ve made a cock up there).

I’d really, really recommend seeing this film when you can. It’s certainly one I’ll be buying on DVD, and maybe the film that finally motivates me to buy a HD-DVD or BluRay device. Seriously go and see it. Even if you’re not aware of the Iron Man story, or if you’re not a hardcore comic fan you’ll love it and won’t really be missing out on much, except maybe the S.H.I.E.L.D. references.