/ BLOG / Infectious Illness?

Illness must be infectious between my main PC and my body. I’ve been feeling a bit rough the last few days, but since last night I’ve felt like someones dropped a bookcase of unsold Linux Desktop Hacks on my head. It also seems my computer must be suffering the same though, as after going for some food last night, I return to find that my machine has crashed and in an endless loop as it tries to boot.

Now, as much as I hate proprietory software, I do use Windows for work and working from home requires Windows pretty much - sure I can remotely desktop in to servers from linux, but it can make supporting users harder if you can’t bring up the exact interface immediately. Virtual Servers are good for this, but sometimes not fast enough - especially via VNC/RDP/SSH over the ‘net.

Anyway, I’ve digressed. It seems that the PC won’t even boot into linux or Windows safe mode. Oh dear. Now I recently rebuilt this PC software-wise, so I knew it was fine in terms of that, and given that neither would boot I was really starting to crap myself as I needed the PC today for work. So its 10pm and I’m sat cleaning out my machine, reseating everything, and moving it all around just to get the damn thing to boot. In the end I just left it, put the case back on and gave it one final boot - at 3am.

Praise be to the binary gods! It actually worked. Perhaps it was just all a big processor cache cold or something? Now if only my unknown illness would just go in the same way.